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What Is This Service About?

This is about my Special Keyword Research Tool and with the help of this SEO Tool you can do lots of stuff, such as keyword research, backlink analysis, domain overview, SEO audit, social report analysis and many more things. This tool is very easy to use, and you can check multiple SEO functions in one platform.

Note: The name of this SEO tool is not mentioned here (If you want to know more about this tool, i.e., The Name of this SEO TOOL or any other info, then just text us or join us on Instant Chat section, we will get back to you ASAP), Cause it's a third party SEO TOOL, we are not owner of this tool. We are selling here Group buy/private account as per our client request.

Account Validity & Subscription?

Valid for 2 weeks ( Assured 12+ Days ) & You will get GURU Subscription

Note: You will get advantage of GURU Subscription

Account Type?

Shared (Group Buy) acount

Note: Shared ( Group Buy ) account mean here you are not only owner of the account, Group buy mean you and my other 2 client like you, both are paid me for this account. That mean you + my 2 another client = total 3 people are owner of this account. As because this type of account user have 3 owner, So you Don't have permission to change Login ID/Password if you choose Shared/ Group Buy access.

Shared / Group Buy account Using terms & condition?

Shared/Group Buy accounts come with more cheaper price cause here our multiple users purchase for 1 account, thats why price is less for this type of account. Unlike other sellers, we are not sale 1 group Buy account to our many client, we only sale 1 Shared/Group Buy account with 3 Clients Only ( Where compare to other sellers do sale with more than 10 people which make problems). So you will face very less issue [ SEO tools allow only 1 person to login at a time in the account. So if someone already in there on the account and in the same time another person try to login on same account then 1 person will get automatically logout this is the only issue here ]. If you Choose this type of account then you must have to follow my Given Terms & Conditions below.

  1. Never Change account Password
  2. Never Delete Other people Report/Data
  3. Never Share access details with anyone

How To Acess?

We will send you Login Email, Password, and other information after placing the order & sending payment. So you can access directly. And it's very easy. You just simply need to visit their official website i.e., https://*******.com then need to click the login button, then use there our given login information to login to your account. That's all


  • 24/7 support (If not sleeping)
  • Fast Delivery (within 24. hours )


Yes, we provide account Replacement If there are any problem on your account. If you face trouble there then feel free to let us know, We will fix issue as soon as possible or Provide Replacement/Refund.


Yes, we also provide a full refund, if you are not satisfied with our service. (refund claim time within 5 business day). 

Refund Rules:
  1. If you are not satisfied, then you must request us for the refund within 2 business days. 
  2. Before purchase, please clear all your query, cause we don't consider if you claim order by mistakenly. 
  3. Always try, to be honest. If you broke our rule, then you are not eligible for refund.

*** any query left/need support? Contact Us anytime, we will get back to you as soon as possible. ***

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